Club Rules

1. No shoes are to be worn on the mat

2. If you arrive late to class, wait until the instructor is free, and acknowledges your arrival. Wait until you are invited onto the mat.

3. Do not interrupt the instructor during a technique demonstration. Wait until he/she has completed their instructions/demonstration. Students are encouraged to ask questions.

4. Only WHITE gis with SANUK logos/patches may be worn to special events such as Gradings and Seminars. Team photos will be taken at these events.

5. Respect your team mates by acknowledging their personal goals and abilities. Be mindful of injuries and always train safely- leave egos at the door.

6. When the class ends, we line up according to rank. White belts are at the back.

7. When the instructor says “hands by your side”, put your feet together, your hands by your sides and bow.

8. We shake hands with every person in the class.

Hygiene Rules

1. A gi, rashguard, shorts/spats must be worn at all times on the mats.

2. No food or drinks in the academy (only water bottles permitted).

3. Finger and toenails must be kept trimmed at all times.

4. All cuts, abrasions or broken skin must be covered before training on the mats.

5. Any illness or infection must be reported to the instructor. Students with colds, flus, viral infections or skin infections must NOT train until the infection is cleared or recovered. A medical clearance from GP may be requested in the case of staph/skin infections.

6. Wear a clean gi at all times.

7. Sandals or thongs are to be worn at all times while off the mats.

8. Mats must be cleaned and sanitised at the final class of each day.

Safety Rules

1. Safety is number one priority- be aware of your personal and team mate’s safety at all times.

2. Remove all jewellery and piercings before class which may cause injury.

3. Listen to and follow direction from instructors at all times.

4. Mouthguards are encouraged to be used during sparring.

5. Injuries- take time off or make partners aware of your injuries whilst training.

6. Tapping- tap often and train safely on the mats. The academy is a safe environment for learning and development. Tap means to stop a submission. When somebody taps, cease what you are doing immediately.