FREE Trial Classes

We provide 2 FREE classes for everyone wanting to try BJJ before joining as a member.

Payment System

We accept a Direct Debit payment system (eDebit Pty Ltd) for class fees. There are no lock in contracts. We do not accept cash payments for membership fees.


Adults $60/FN

Juniors $35/FN

Family. $135/FN

Open Mat Sessions

$20 Visitors, FREE for Academy students.

Private Lessons

Chep Krummel

$100 pp (60 minute session) Maximum 2 people.

Membership Note

Only Sanuk Academy members will be assessed for promotions/gradings

Membership Pause Policy

This Membership Pause Policy outlines the procedures and conditions under which members may request to temporarily pause their membership. The purpose of this policy is to provide a fair and transparent process for members who may encounter circumstances that necessitate a temporary suspension of their membership benefits such as medical reasons, extended travel or financial hardship.

Members wishing to pause their membership must submit a written request via messenger or email including the reason for pause and the duration. We request that 14 day’s notice is given and advise that the minimum pause period is 28days.