Mitsuyo Maeda (前田 光世 Maeda Mitsuyo

Mitsuyo Maeda Born November 18, 1878 – November 28, 1941), a Brazilian naturalized as Otávio Maeda. He is referred to as the father of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.
Carlos Gracie

Carlos Gracie was the visionary that founded the very first Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, a martial arts gym Carlos managed with the help of his brothers, Oswaldo, Gastão, George and Helio Gracie. Carlos Gracie acquired his knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu by studying in Belem under Maeda and his students.

Carlos “Carlinhos” Gracie Jr

Carlos “Carlinhos” Gracie Jr is a Brazilian 8th-degree red and white belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and instructor. A member of the Gracie family, he is the son of Carlos Gracie, and first cousin to the Machado family brothers. Carlos Gracie Jnr is the founder of Gracie Barra Academy.
Peter de Been

Pete is 5th degree Black Belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. He was the first non Brasilian to gain a Black Belt out of Brasil. Pete is the founder (established in 1994) and President of the Australian Federation of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu – AFBJJ.
The AFBJJ is the representative of the International Brasilian Jiu Jitsu Federation – IBJJF. The AFBJJ oversees around 40 competitions Australia wide and co runs the the Australian National and Pan Pacific with the IBJJF.
Chep Krummel
Founder of Sanuk Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Chep pioneered the first BJJ academy in Hervey Bay Queensland in 2011. He spent many years building his club and helping others on the same journey as more and more people began training in BJJ. Being so far away from major cities and having direct access to BJJ blackbelts was the most difficult part of Chep’s own progression in the sport. He spent many hours over the years, teaching, learning, competing and developing himself by travelling to train with other coaches in Maryborough, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne. Chep continued training for many years under the following coaches- Brian & Edward Nielsen, Marcus Collings, Andrew Bailey, Yoshi Hasegawa and Peter de Been. In 2017, Chep was awarded his black belt in BJJ from Peter de Been.