Sanuk BJJ Academy

1. Who is Sanuk BJJ?

Sanuk Jiu Jitsu Academy is a family focused BJJ club which was founded by BJJ black belt Chep Krummel. The club is located in Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia. Sanuk BJJ Academy is an affiliation club of De Been 100% Jiu Jitsu.

2. What is the BJJ Lineage at Sanuk?

Mitsuyo Maeda- Carlos Gracie Snr- Carlos Gracie Jnr- Peter de Been- Chep Krummel

First or Trial Classes

1. Can I have a trial lesson?

Absolutely. If you are new to BJJ then we offer you (2 FREE classes).

2. Can visitors train at Sanuk BJJ?

All visitors are welcome at Sanuk BJJ. We charge a $20.00 casual fee for all visitors from other clubs. A waiver form must be signed and submitted before training in any classes.


1. What are my membership options?

Most members pay via Direct Debit. We do not accept cash payments for membership fees.

2. What if my payments default?

While payments are in arrears you are unable to train at Sanuk BJJ. Please settle any outstanding fees asap. Notifications will be sent to any memberships which are in arrears.

3. Can I pause my membership?

Yes, memberships can be paused or cancelled at any time. Please give us a minimum of 7 days “Written Notice” via email to


1. Do I have to wear a Sanuk uniform?

Not at all. All members have the freedom to wear whatever brands or colours they wish.

Note- All members are however required to wear WHITE only coloured uniforms to special events such as (Gradings and Seminars).

2. Do I need to wear a clean uniform?

Yes. Hygiene rules require all members to wear clean/washed uniforms for every single class.

3. Can I buy uniforms from Sanuk BJJ?

Yes. We will stock most sizes in academy uniforms. Contact us for sizing and prices